Art and dance.

Giorgia’s two passions are deeply entangled in her life, blending into her creations and her projects as interior designer, where movement and colour meet and create environments rich in character along with original and innovative atmospheres.

Her calling is supported by her never-ending and tireless search for new materials and new shapes to express her flair and her creativity, realizing interior design objects that stand out for their quality and which unify different creative expressions, and are charged with an original and explosive beauty.

Lost in souks and small markets around the world, Giorgia wanders, looking for new inspiration, and finding fascinating and mysterious objects for her designs and her clients.

Very accurate in her designs, Giorgia’s projects are not only elegant and neat but also functional and useful, in accord with the needs of both the market and her clients.

Giorgia will lead you along the path of beauty and design, and the setting for your space, giving you advice about style and decoration, according to usefulness and the functional aspects of the everyday life of interior design, never forgetting the highest quality materials and technology, that enrich her job even more.

  • 1982 Born in Turin.
  • 2005 Attends IED, Interior Design course in Turin.
  • 2009 She wins a scholarship for the courses New Entertainment Design and Food Experience Design at the POLIDESIGN in Milan.
  • 2006 Interior Designer for Berlin Cameron United, New York.
  • 2007 Oxfam Furniture, furniture selling, Manchester.
  • 2010 The Secret Home: her home becomes her showroom.